The Department of Accounting aims to cultivate high-level accountants and to become one of the most prestigious accounting departments in terms of teaching and research in Taiwan. Over the past 45 years, more than 9,000 students have graduated from this department, and most have made significant achievements in their professional careers or advanced studies.

The Department is distinguished in its:
1. Excellent teaching that balances theory and practice
2. Integration of accounting and computing, taxation, law and other social sciences
3. Adjustment of curricula to meet contemporary social needs.

Course duration

Total Credits

  • Undergraduate Degree Program: 128 Credits

         Required Courses: 103Credits

         Elective Courses: 25Credits

  • Master's Degree Program: 38Credits
          Required Courses: 20Credits (Excluding Master Thesis)

         Elective Courses: 18Credits

Start month

         Spring Semester: February

         Fall Semester: August


         FCU College of Business

Course contact


         Telephone: 04-24517250 turn(ext)


  • Business Analyst
  • Diplomat
  • International Business Specialist


  • AACSB Initial Business Accreditation Ratified by the Board - February 2014



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